At the heart of our life as God's people is worship. We were made for worship. All of life is meant for worship, but the high point of worship is the weekly gathering of God's people on Sunday. On Sunday, the Lord's Day, God calls his people to worship. It is during this time the risen Lord Jesus meets with his people, gives us his promise of forgiveness for sin, and speaks the gospel to us by his Word. He receives our praise and hears our prayers. Not only is he pleased to give us his grace by the Word of God preached, but he is pleased to make the gospel visible in communion at the Lord's table by which he nourishes us with his own body and blood. Every Lord's Day is a celebration of what God has done for sinners in Christ Jesus the Savior. 

On Sunday mornings we gather for worship at 10:45am. Our liturgy reflects the traditions of the historic Christian church in its order as well as the participation of everyone present. Every voice is part of the choir as we sing psalms and hymns with piano accompaniment. Everyone listens to the preaching of the Word of God. We celebrate the Lord's Supper weekly. Typically, the service lasts until about 12pm and is followed by a time of refreshments and fellowship. Once a month we have an all-church fellowship lunch following the morning service.

On Sunday evenings we gather for a prayer and praise service at 6pm. Our liturgy during this time includes congregational hymn selections, the sharing of prayer requests and praises, and a sermon different from the morning service. Typically, the service is finished about 7pm.

If you want to see what our services are like, come out for a visit. May God richly bless you during your time at El Camino.

If you have any questions regarding our services, feel free to send Pastor Jeremy an email or call the church office at the number below.